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Lynn has a loving, positive and clever way to engage both pup and owner. Building my rescue pup’s self-esteem was key for me. Lynn made this possible through play and fun activities. I appreciate the time she takes to explain an activity and what we are trying to achieve. She provides me with notes of concepts and games associated to our weekly lessons. This is very helpful to remember our goals and lessons as well as, explain to my family members the exercises that as a whole need to work with our Pupster. This created consistency in training.  Puppy training can be pricey. I appreciate the clever ways Lynn incorporates common items you can find around the house to make the training fun and cost effective. 2 Tails Dog Training is paws down, the best!
Sheila M. & Teddy

Learning should be fun for our pups, and Lynn's game-focused behavioral approach has allowed Midnight to truly enjoy her path to becoming a well-behaved dog. Lynn's emphasis on positive reinforcement and engagement has enabled us to form a strong bond of trust and love with Midnight. We've had sessions with other trainers, but Lynn's skill, experience, patience, and enthusiasm put her among the top tier of dog training professionals. 


Kevin & Suan



Our relationship with Snoopy has gotten better since we started training with Lynn. Snoopy is a lot happier than before. I think once we understood how to help him with his anxiety and have been consistent with the confidence games she recommended for us, we saw a huge change in him. Snoopy loves when we have our training session! He’s always excited to see Lynn and enjoys the new games she teaches us during our training. Lynn is very professional and Greg and I are so thankful for the sessions we’ve had and look forward to continuing our 1:1 sessions and the group sessions.

Mabel & Greg



My dog Luna loves Lynn the trainer. My dog has learned to calm down, to behave and to do great tricks. My dog and I love to train with Lynn, we have fun and learn to understand each other with every session. I recommend this training program 100%



Lynn has been the BEST resource to help train our dog. She is kind, responsive and so effective. Her approach makes sense and is very accessible to use. We have seen a world of difference in our dog. I've never seen our pup more excited to see anyone than she is when Lynn comes to visit. I highly recommend her.

Laura Boysen-Aragon and Annie



I have an eleven year old Patterdale terrier. For those of you who do not know the breed, Patterdale Terriers were first bred in England and were used to rid farmers of vermin, particularly those that harm the farmers crops and farm animals. Foxes, badgers, rats were all fair game for these small tenacious hunters. Patterdale terriers were bred for their gameness and their willingness to enter animal dens and stay until they had won any confrontations with the animal within.

Having said all the above, it is the willingness for my Patterdale, Romulus, to engage with any animal he sees, that is the basis for my problem as an owner. Rom's aggressiveness, has led me to seek out a number of trainers, each professing their ability to help me with Rom's aggression issues. I have tried choke chains, pinch collars, e-collars, all on the advice of these trainers. While I have had limited success with a few of these trainers and their techniques, none have had long term success.

I met Lynn on the Pickleball courts and learned she was a professional dog trainer. I told her about Romulus and his aggression issues. Lynn told me that she had a completely different style of training. Her style called "Concept based training" used the power of play and games to create positive reinforcements as a learning tool.

I agreed to meet with Lynn to see if her concept training would be a good fit for Romulus. Then the Coronavirus hit. Quarantined and unable to meet in person, Lynn provided me with literature, and videos of training techniques. We met on Zoom to discuss progress. I sent Lynn videos of Romulus involved in various games and play and she would provide feedback as necessary.

 Romulus is a much happier dog, looking forward to our daily training sessions, which are now fun for both he and I. He is still a work in progress, but working with him is now a positive experience we can both share.

My thanks to Lynn for her willingness to work with us through these difficult times and exposing us to her "Concept Based" training techniques. I would highly recommend to anyone, who has a difficult dog, that they contact Lynn and see if these training techniques are right for their situation.

John Simmons and Rom



I am very fortunate to have met Lynn about a year ago to discuss her expertise of dog training using a method called 'Concept Training'. It was difficult for me to understand how playing games with a pup could result in good behaviors, so we met at a park with her pup, Rowen, a young shelter mix. I watched this adopted stray with high energy and prey drive in a park with squirrels, birds, dogs, and humans, and she kept her full attention on Lynn while running through many of these 'games'. Rowen was on a long line and could have chosen to chase in pursuit of any critter at any time. This was so impressive, fun, and amazing to watch! I am now playing these games with my senior pup and we are having so much fun and learning new behaviors at the same time. All I say to Sunny is "wanna play some games?" and he is up and ready to go. I HIGHLY recommend Lynn to everyone that wants to learn how to have a well behaved pup, a stronger bond, and a wonderful relationship, and all by training in a way that is fun for both owner and canine!

Janet R


My husband and I have really enjoyed working with Lynn. Her technique is wonderful and she has taught us how to teach our dog how to be obedient by rewarding and praising her. We have learned how to ditch the bowl and feed our dog in a non conventional way where she works for her food. Our dog will come from anywhere and sit right between our legs with the call of one word “middle”. Lynn’s technique and style is so unique and our dog responds so well to her training! Thank you Lynn for your knowledge, love and patience in training our sweet Mollie!

Wendy and Mollie

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