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This training approach is based on positive and reinforcing techniques, whereby the relationship between you and your dog is enhanced rather than diminished through structured play and daily interaction.  Punitive techniques or equipment (such as shock collars) are not advocated, rather, loving interactions which will help shape your dog’s personality and behavior for a wonderful future together.

How is this achieved?


  • Firstly your dog’s 'struggles'/challenges are identified and the concepts which need to be enhanced (such as optimism, calmness & tolerance of frustration) are highlighted

  • These concepts will influence the choices and decisions your dog makes as these shape and influence their personality and subsequent behaviours

  • You will be introduced to a series of short 3-5 minute games which, if played on a regular basis, will mentally stimulate your dog, developing the behaviors you want to see enhanced

  • If you have a puppy, four concept areas are initially focused on to encourage good decision making and an optimistic outlook to the world. A fearful dog is generally an unhappy one!

  • The games played will not only develop intellect but also physical wellbeing and muscle conditioning, using the whole of the dog’s body during play.

  • You will also benefit, as your relationship and bond with your dog will increase significantly. it is a delight to witness your dog getting so much enjoyment from the stimulation of these games while learning at the same time.


Physical exercise is clearly very important for your dog, but here in Orange County it is very difficult to give your dog the amount of exercise it needs given the strict leash laws and our busy schedules. We can, however, counteract this by mentally challenging our dogs. If we work their brains, your dog will be more stimulated, and ultimately satisfied, showing greater calmness and balance by the end of each day.

In an hour’s session, approximately 4 - 6 games will be covered and you will be encouraged to continue playing throughout the following week/s. A follow up report will be prepared and emailed to you giving direction and support. Weekly or bi-weekly visits are encouraged for at least six sessions for maximum benefit.

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